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How to Conduct a Vehicle Title Check in Texas

Where to find the VIN on a vehicle

Where to find the VIN on a vehicle


Vehicle Title Check

In Texas, persons interested in purchasing a used vehicle have the ability to do a full vehicle title check. The Texas Department of Motor Vehicles has a website specifically designed to allow buyers the option to look into a car title before they buy. By completing a vehicle title check you will find if a specific car has been rebuilt, salvaged or possibly damaged in a flood. Conducting a vehicle title check is one of the most important steps you can do to protect yourself in the car buying game.

The Department of Motor Vehicles does require the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) of the vehicle you are interested in purchasing. If the vehicle does not have a VIN, the VIN is scratched out, or the seller refuses to provide a VIN, we suggest you walk away from the vehicle and the seller. Once you have obtained the VIN you will need to go to the DMV website and select one of the approved providers.

Vehicle Title Check Providers

Selecting a provider can be a bit daunting, but do not let this deter you from a title check on a vehicle you are interested in purchasing. The title check providers are approved by the US Department of Justice. A basic vehicle title check will provide the vehicle’s history and check for liens against the VIN. A full vehicle title check can cost you anywhere from $5 up to $50 depending on what information is provided. Currently there are six different vehicle title check providers and they all offer different packages when checking on a vehicle title. Defensive Driving Now highly suggests you read the small print and do not hesitate to call and ask questions. After all, if you are looking for your next family vehicle, don’t you want to make the best and safest choice?

A vehicle title check can be emailed or mailed, so you do have the ability to make a more immediate and informed decision on your next vehicle purchase. When you select the provider of your choice, they will run the VIN through the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS) which is a national consumer protection database that provides title information for all states. A title check is not limited to vehicles registered in Texas.

With a vehicle title check being managed on a national database, buyers have more flexibility in where they purchase a vehicle. If you are considering online auctions for your next vehicle purchase, checking the title is crucial and can provide more insight to if your money will be well invested.

So whether you are making your next vehicle purchase at a local dealership, through an online auction, or an individual seller, be sure to conduct a vehicle history and vehicle title check. A simple vehicle title check could save you thousands later on.