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Tyler Municipal Court has provided detailed steps on how you should handle a speeding ticket or other moving violation such as running a stop sign or failure to yield. First and foremost, it is your responsibility to read the front and the back of your citation. Your ticket will provide you with next steps, phone numbers, contact information and what you should do to pay your fine, or request defensive driving.

Tyler Municipal Court suggests that you wait at least 72 hours after receiving the ticket to contact the court to plead your case or ask any information pertaining to your ticket. After the 72 hours has passed you will need to make an appearance to the court which can be done in person or in writing. Everyone is required to answer to the court regarding their citation within 20 days from the date the citation was issued.

Several plea arrangements are available and only the person whose name appears on the citation can enter one of the following pleas.

Not Guilty – When you enter a plea of not guilty, you are stating that you are innocent of the charge. Your case will end up being placed on the trial docket and you will have the right to a trial by jury.

Guilty – If you admit to the offense and enter a plea of guilty, you will be charge with whatever you have been cited. Tyler Municipal Court may assess fines associated with a guilty plea and the charge could have a negative impact on your Texas driving record. A guilty plea may also make you eligible to complete an online defensive driving course. That determination belongs to the judge.

Nolo Contendre – When you do not contest the charge, you are neither admitting nor denying the offense. Like a guilty plea, you will be fined with court costs, but you will also have the right to request an online defensive driving course.


Request Defensive Driving

In an effort to dismiss your citation and keep the traffic citation from appearing on your driving record, you should request eligibility for a driver safety course from Tyler Municipal Court. You will be required to enter a plea of guilty or nolo contender and complete required paperwork for the court to grant eligibility.

The court will allow you 90 calendar days to complete an online defensive driving course. Upon completion of the course you will be issued a certificate of completion. It is your responsibility to submit this certificate of Completion along with a Texas driving record to the court by the 90th day. Extensions for completing a course will not be granted and failure to submit required documents in a timely manner will result in a fine not to exceed $200, any additional court costs and the ticket will be entered onto your Texas driving record.

Tyler Municipal Court (physical address)

813 N. Broadway Ave

Tyler, TX 75702


Tyler Municipal Court (mailing address)

PO Box 895

Tyler, TX 75710

Phone: (903) 531-1266

Hours: Monday – Friday 8:00 am – 5:00 pm

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