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Traffic Signals on Texas Roadways

Traffic signals in Texas are present to direct the flow of traffic in an orderly manner. Drivers are required to obey traffic lights and traffic signals at all times. If a law enforcement officer is present, drivers should follow the direction of the officer. Officers have the authority to direct traffic accordingly even if what they are directing may not be typical or may be against the law.

Red Traffic Signals

Red traffic signals mean STOP. When drivers encounter a steady red light or flashing red light, they should stop before entering a crosswalk or intersection. Drivers should never run-through a red light. There are two types of red traffic signals:

  1. Steady Red Light – In some cases, drivers are allowed to make a right turn on a red light, however you are required to yield to pedestrians and other traffic who is legally utilizing the intersection.
  2. Flashing Red Light – Flashing red light should be treated similar to a stop sign. Drivers should not enter the intersection or proceed until legally permitted. Please remember that drivers traveling the intersection road may not have a red light so they will not come to a stop.

Yellow Traffic Signals

Yellow traffic signals should be treated like more of a caution sign. There are two types of yellow traffic signals:

  1. Steady Yellow Light – The steady yellow light is warning drivers that a red light will soon appear requiring a stop. If a stop cannot be made safely prior to entering the intersection, drivers should proceed through the intersection prior to the light turning red.
  2. Flashing Yellow Light – Warns drivers they need to slow their speed and use extra caution.

Green Traffic Signals

Green traffic signals mean GO! Steady green lights signal for drivers to proceed through an intersection. Drivers may proceed straight through or turn onto a cross street on a green traffic signal. Always be on the lookout for pedestrians or other vehicles that may race in front of you illegally.

Traffic signals are there to guide and direct traffic flow and warn drivers of possible hazards ahead. In Traffic signals assist you in the driving task and make you a better driver. Remember that all drivers according to Texas law are required to follow the direction of traffic signals.


Traffic Signals

Traffic Signals