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Texas Driver Responsibility Program

The Texas Driver Responsibility Program (DRP) is a conviction based point system that authorizes Texas Department of Public Safety to assess surcharges and additional fees to drivers based on traffic violations that have occurred after September 1, 2003. Surcharges are assessed in addition to court costs, administrative fees, and service fees for the same conviction. Court and administrative fees stay within the local court system, whereas surcharges through the Driver Responsibility Program go through Texas DPS.

The Driver Responsibility Program will assess surcharges through a point system and on a conviction basis. A driver should never have surcharges assessed for the same violation through the point system and based upon conviction. Below is the breakdown on how the Driver Responsibility Program differentiates between a point system surcharge and conviction based surcharge.


Point System

The Driver Responsibility Program allows DPS assesses points based upon different traffic convictions. Points assessed will remain on a Texas driving record for a period of three years. For every time a person holding a valid Texas driver’s license is cited for a moving violation, they are assessed 2 points. If that moving violation resulted in a crash there will be 3 points assessed.

Once a driver accumulates a total of 6 points within a 3 year period, DPS will then apply surcharges every year that particular driver has more than 6 points. The Texas Driver Responsibility Program applies a surcharge of $100 for the initial 6 points on a person’s Texas driving record. For each additional point after the 6, there is a $25 surcharge. If a person accumulates a total of 7 points on their Texas driving record within a three year period, that person will be required to pay $125 until they have less than 6 points.

** Points cannot be assessed for those individuals who successfully complete a defensive driving course and meet all court requirements for an individual citation.


Conviction Based Surcharge

The Driver Responsibility Program also allows DPS to apply surcharges based upon a driver’s convictions. Conviction based surcharges are to be paid annually for 3 years from the date of the conviction. Below are a few convictions and the surcharge associated with said conviction:


Driver Responsibility Program Common Questions

  • Will I be notified if a surcharge is to be applied for an offense? – DPS will notify you through standard USPS mail that a surcharge is being assessed. Mail will be sent to the most recent address DPS has on file for you.
  • How long do I have to pay the surcharge? – The Driver Responsibility Program allows 105 calendar days from the date the notice was mailed for you to pay your surcharge(s). Failure to pay within the 105 days will result in license suspension.
  • Does the Driver Responsibility program offer a payment plan for surcharges? Yes. Monthly payment arrangements can be made through DPS. Please be aware that DPS will apply a $2.50 service fee for each monthly payment. If payments are defaulted, you can expect to have your license suspended.
  • How long will my driver’s license be suspended for non-payment? According to Texas Driver Responsibility Program rules, a license is only suspended until you reinstate monthly payment arrangements or pay the balance in full. Once a license is suspended, there will be additional costs such as service and collection fees to reinstate a license.

Benefits of Taking an Online Defensive Driving Course

We recommend that all drivers who receive a traffic ticket or speeding ticket should ask for a permission to complete a driver safety course. Only a court or judge can grant eligibility and drivers will be required to meet state mandated terms. Once eligibility has been granted, drivers should register for an online defensive driving course with Defensive Driving Texas. When a driver successfully completes an online defensive driving course, the court will only apply the DSC mark on your Texas driving record and not the negative point(s) associated with your specific citation.

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