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What are customers saying about Defensive Driving Texas?

Thank you for providing a course that is super con [..]

Very informative and eye opening of what can happe [..]

I am totally satisfied with the registration and c [..]

The course was extremely simple and easy to follow [..]

I’m beyond impressed with Customer Service. [..]

Thank you very much for being simple and quick! Vi [..]

I can only describe this course as nothing short o [..]

I have used Defensive Driving Now for several year [..]

I enjoyed taking this course through Defensive Dri [..]

Thank you all for the fast, easy, and convenient o [..]

I have taken driver safety courses before, but thi [..]

Great product. Great Course. Exceptionally quick c [..]

I must admit I did learn a few things and was remi [..]

I have not had a ticket in over 50 years and I tho [..]

This course was AWESOME!!!! I think everyone shoul [..]

There needs to be some way to mandate that all dri [..]

This course was very easy and not as dreadful as I [..]

This was a great training and refresher class. I r [..]

I dreaded taking defensive driving, however this c [..]

Thank you for updating me on new c. I had not take [..]

Not being a resident of the state I received a tic [..]

I didn’t expect too much from an online defe [..]

With 20+ years of driving experience, I did not be [..]

I work all day, have 3 young kids and don’t [..]

Thank you for allowing me to reduce the points on [..]

So happy to hear my insurance company accepted my [..]

This is definitely a family friendly company and w [..]

Definitely one of the most streamlined processes a [..]


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