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No Refusal Week

No Refusal Week

TxDOT is teaming up with local law enforcement for No Refusal Week to target drinking and driving for the July 4th holiday. The No Refusal Week starts June 28th and will run for one week straight.

According to TxDOT No Refusal Week means that motorists suspected of driving while intoxicated must provide a breath or blood sample to law enforcement. If a driver refuses to comply or provide a breath or blood sample, law enforcement officials can take the suspect to jail. Once in jail, a judge will then sign an expedited search warrant that calls for a mandatory blood sample to be taken by a qualified health care professional. Being a No Refusal Week, authorities will have little to no tolerance for any blood alcohol concentration or BAC level. Those drivers and suspects found to be legally intoxicated are arrested and prosecuted. Drivers who do not have a BAC above the legal limit will be considered to be driving under the influence and prosecuted accordingly.

Nationally July 4th ranks top spot for alcohol-related fatal crashes! In Texas alone last year there were 308 crashes where alcohol was directly related to the cause during July 4th celebrations.  TxDOT has redesigned their campaign to target drunk driving which can be found at Drivers are encouraged to check out the Faces of Drunk Driving website.

When a person is arrested or cited with a DUI or DWI, they face upwards of $12,000 in fines, fees, court costs and more. A DUI and DWI charge stay on a persons a record and could prohibit employment, cause suspension of a driver’s license, and be a constant burden in many different ways. One holiday or holiday weekend is not worth years of fighting legal battles and courts. With No Refusal Week, patrols are increased and you might even find road checks along your journey.

It is your responsibility to not drink and drive or get in a vehicle with someone who has been drinking or using drugs especially during No Refusal Week. Your life is precious and not worth the risk! If you are traveling between Dallas, Houston, the beach, area lakes, San Antonio, etc… remember to be alert and focus on the driving task. Everyone have a safe, fun and memorable July 4th holiday!