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Irving Municipal Court

If you have recently received a citation through Irving Municipal Court, you need to read below as we will answer all your questions on how to dismiss the citation you received. Sometimes the court can be hard to work with, so we will provide you step-by-step instructions on what to do.

Irving Municipal Court – Ticket Dismissal

Drivers who recently received a ticker for a moving or traffic violation need to refer to their ticket for detailed instructions on where to go and by what date. Typically Irving Municipal Court will state the cited driver needs to contact the court no later than 21 days after receipt of the citation. At that time, you will need to request eligibility to take an online driver safety course or defensive driving course. Irving Municipal Court will accept online defensive driving requests by mail, fax or in person.

Irving Municipal Court requires drivers to wait until eligibility for an online defensive driving course has been granted before registering and completing a course. Once approved, you will have 90 days to complete the course and return all required documents to the court.

How to keep a citation off a driving record through Irving Municipal Court

Irving Municipal Court offers two options to keeping a citation from appearing on a person’s driving record. Both options require a driver to enter a plea of no contest or guilty. Individual persons will need to check with the court on eligibility as requirements for each option vary depending on the violation.

  • Deferred disposition requires administrative fees and a probation period
  • Defensive Driving allows you to pay court costs and complete an online defensive driving course with no probation warranted.

If a person fails to resolve a citation with a certain time frame, Irving Municipal Court has the authority to issue a warrant, deny future vehicle registration and will submit your case to a collection agency. Also note that additional fees will be added to any outstanding citation.

Defensive Driving Texas is the approved online defensive driving course for Irving Municipal Court.

Irving Municipal Court Address

Irving Municipal Court (physical)
305 N. O’Connor Road
Irving, TX 75061
Phone: (972) 721-2451
Hours: Monday – Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Irving Municipal Court (mailing)
PO Box 152288
Irving, TX 75015

Irving Municipal Court

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