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A defensive driving or traffic school course is a way for you to dismiss a traffic ticket, meet a court-ordered requirement, reduce points from your driving record, or even earn an insurance discount! You learn all of the essential traffic laws and regulations that pertain to your state, along with essential defensive driving techniques designed to help you prevent hazards before they even occur. Whether you’re voluntarily taking a course to lower your insurance or points, or you’ve been asked by the court or DPS to attend traffic school, our state approved defensive driving courses will meet your requirements without any hassle.

Defensive Driving Texas is dedicated to offering the best driver education and online traffic school course with unmatched convenience of your schedule. All of our courses are completely online and cloud enabled. Allowing our customers to study whenever and wherever they want. You can study a lot or a little at a time, at home or anywhere you have a internet enabled device and internet access. It’s the most hassle-free way to complete an online defensive driving course.

Defensive Driving Texas provides TEA approved online multimedia educational experiences that makes learning easy. Designed by award winning driving instructors who know how to make driver’s education clear-cut and engaging, this powerful study method teaches you everything you need to know to be a responsible driver. You will learn the rules of the road through a combination of:

  • Easy-to-Read Text Lessons
  • Animated Videos
  • Optional Audio Read Along

This is the most effective way to learn the essentials of driving safely. Just complete each short chapter, complete the multiple-choice quizzes, and you’re done. It’s that simple.

Don’t waste your valuable time in a classroom course and set your own schedule instead. You’ll never be required to interrupt your schedule to accommodate a traffic school course. Just work whenever and wherever is best for you! This you the power to determine when and where to take Driver’s Ed, insurance and defensive driving courses online. Defensive Driving Texas gives you the power to make our online traffic school work for you.

Our fully-approved TEA state of Texas driving safety online courses don’t simply meet state and all court requirements; they exceed them. The result are courses that not only helps you earn a Certificate of Completion you need, but also gives you a great online educational experience. We take all of the information and break it down so that it is easy to understand, easy to remember and fun!

All of Defensive Driving Texas’s online driver improvement courses teaches the fundamentals of responsible and courteous driving everyone should know to become better drivers.

  • Basic Vehicle Operation
  • Defensive Driving Skills
  • Road Signs
  • Traffic Laws
  • Driving Etiquette

Many important safety driving concepts are learned easily through using multimedia videos and exercises. It is our goal to help everyone become the better driver they can become! Students who finish an Defensive Driving Texas online defensive driving course gains the knowledge one needs to know to be safe on and off the road.


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