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DUI Crackdowns and Consequences


Did you know that Texas leads the nation in drunk driving accidents and fatalities? Do you know the crackdowns and consequences for driving while intoxicated (DWI) or driving under the influence (DUI)?

With Labor Day right around the corner, law enforcement officials across Texas are banning together to fight DWI/DUI with No Refusal this weekend in hopes of getting impaired drivers out from behind the wheel. The “No Refusal” law states that motorists suspected of driving while intoxicated must provide a breath or blood sample to law enforcement when they are suspected of drunk driving. If you refuse the breath or blood sample, officers have the right to take you to jail until a judge signs an expedited warrant for a mandatory blood sample. If a blood alcohol content level is higher than the legal limit of .08, the driver is then arrested and prosecuted for the offense. provides a great outline as to the cost of a single DWI/DUI.

When we ran TXDOT’s calculator to see the financial breakdown for a DUI, this is the result:

  • Fine: $2,000 (maximum)
  • Bail: $2,075 (If you find someone)
  • Attorney Fees: $4,800
  • County Fees: $ 780
  • Court Ordered Classes: $ 300

Vehicle Insurance:

  • License Fees: $ 246 (up to five years)
  • Other Expenses: $ 1,950

TOTAL: $12,151 (First Offense)

This total is figured if you get caught for your first offense, the second and third offense totals increase drastically. Education for DUI crackdowns and consequences is far below par. Although TXDOT and local law enforcement spend millions in advertising as part of their education platform, many of us heed the warning and a few have total disregard. If you have any creative ideas, campaigns, questions or concerns on how officials can better educate citizens, especially teens on DUI crackdowns and consequences, officials would love to hear what you have to say.

Please remember that any trace of alcohol can impair your judgment and slow your reaction time to any situation. Call a sober friend, call a cab, just please do not get behind the wheel. Your life and the life of others are too important!