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Buda Municipal Court

Buda Municipal Court

Texas Online Defensive Driving Course

Traveling from Austin to San Antonio can be rough as it seems you are sitting on I-35 as if it were a parking lot or you are speeding through each city with cops constantly pulling people over and issuing tickets. Drivers who were issued citations are required to report to Buda Municipal Court for processing. Buda Municipal Court does have a very user friendly website that will provide detailed procedures on how to handle your citation.

Buda Municipal Court requires drivers who are interested in completing a six hour online defensive driving course online to first obtain permission from the court or judge. Defensive driving courses will only dismiss a traffic citation. Parking or red light camera running citations are not eligible for online defensive driving courses. Buda Municipal Court staff and judge are not permitted to provide legal advice. Drivers seeking legal advice should contact a local attorney at their own expense.

When requesting permission for an online defensive driving course from Buda Municipal Court, you will need to provide the following:

  1. Copy of valid driver’s license
  2. Copy of Texas liability insurance card or paperwork
  3. Provide money order or check for associated court fees. Buda Municipal Court fees typically range from $105.00 to $140.00 depending on the offense. You will need to contact the court directly for the fee you are being assessed.
  4. Written request to complete a defensive driving course online
  5. Provide plea of guilty or no contest to charge(s)

As road construction and growth continues between Austin and San Antonio, drivers should be aware of speed traps. Construction zones pose a danger to drivers and workers. Drivers entering a constriction zone should reduce speed, watch for pedestrians or workers, keep an eye out for possible debris, and be extra alert. Buda Municipal Court will not allow drivers who received a moving violation or citation in a construction zone when workers are present to complete an online defensive driving course to dismiss the ticket.

Remember to stay alert focus on the driving task. As Buda continues to grow, traffic and roadway congestion will continue to increase as well. Should you be required to report into Buda Municipal Court regarding a moving violation, always request permission to complete an online defensive driving course to dismiss that ticket.

Buda Municipal Court Locations

Buda Municipal Court (physical)
121 Main St.
Buda, Texas 78610-1218
Phone: (512) 312-0084

Buda Municipal Court (mailing)
PO Box 1218
Buda, TX 78610
Phone (512) 312-0084

Buda Municipal Court and Buda City Hall

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