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Alamo Heights Municipal Court

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Majority of people driving in and around San Antonio do not realize that one minute they can be in San Antonio and the next in Alamo Heights. When drivers receive speeding tickets or other moving violations from the city of Alamo Heights, they are required to report to Alamo Heights Municipal Court and NOT to San Antonio or Bandera County court systems.

To request a driver safety course which is also referred to in Texas as defensive driving, you are required to appear in Alamo Heights Municipal Court in person or make the request via certified mail prior to your court date. You should be able to locate your court date on your traffic ticket, typically this date is 10-30 days from the date you received the citation. Failure to properly submit your request for a driver safety course would disqualify your eligibility for an online course.

If the court determines you are ineligible, you will need to contact to the court to appeal, pay associated fines, or negotiate next steps. If the court determines you are eligible, you should go to to register for the 6 hour online defensive driving course which will cost $25.00.

After completion of your defensive driving course, a completion certificate will be mailed to you. Texas law does require the mailing of certificates and prohibits electronic transmission of certificates. Alamo Heights Municipal Court suggests you complete your online course upon eligibility notification from the court so you have plenty of time for mail delivery. Should you wait until the night prior to your court appearance date, your certificate may not be delivered to you and in turn your delivery to the court may be late.

Alamo Heights Municipal Court does allow you 90 days to submit required documents to the court for dismissal of a traffic ticket. You will need to submit your completion certificate along with a driving record. When ordering the required certified driving record through Defensive Driving Texas, your driving record will be emailed to you immediately. Ordering a driving record through DPS could take a few days (up to a few weeks) for processing and delivery.

Once all documents are handed to the court in a timely manner, your ticket can be dismissed. It is your responsibility to check with Alamo Heights Municipal Court for detailed step-by-step instructions, exact fine amounts, and to verify dismissal of traffic ticket.

Alamo Heights Municipal Court

1248 Austin Highway Suite 220
San Antonio, TX 78209
Phone: (210) 882-1501

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